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Real Girls

Many of the REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS are actually based on (well, named after, at least) actual women I know. For example: Masayo: Masayo was my first boss when I went to Japan — a cheery young woman with a

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GenCon 2011: The Poster Arrives!

GenCon is a crazy event — 30,000 hardcore gamers descend on Indianapolis for gaming, socializing and buying new stuff. It’s an annual festival of tabletop goodness, and one of our favourite things in the whole world. REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS grew

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GenCon 2011 — Limited Edition!

GenCon 2011 Poster

The REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS project kicks off at GenCon 2011 with an exclusive limited edition poster, featuring all-new art from Claudio Pozas. Only 200 copies of this poster have been printed, and will be sold and signed by the

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