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Caption Contest: It’s Raining Ninja Girls!

Okay, well the art for Issue #1 is coming along, and we figure it’s time for another CAPTION CONTEST! As usual, Ritsuko is full of confidence, unaware as she is of impending disaster: Eri is perhaps less brash and unheeding

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Ride ’em CowNinjaDinoGirl!

Characters aren’t just personalities. Of course, they ARE personalities, but in the context of story-telling, each character has to serve a distinct narrative purpose. In games about teams, it’s useful to have some sort of “niche protection” to make sure

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Hey Ninja Girl 18: Cat Ears: No.

Fashion problems are REAL problems, okay? Hey Ninja Girl: My clan’s colours are all black, which is cool, but whenever I try to accent things with a little jeweled brooch or a pair of cat ears, Master Norimitsu just tears

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