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Hey Ninja Girl 20: Career Advice

This time around, it’s Matt with a careers-related question for our entrepreneurial ninja gals: I’m looking to move into a new career. What would you guys suggest? TRENDS IN EMPLOYMENT COME AND GO, BUT PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS NEED TO TALK

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The Very Beginning

The characters of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS, Masayo, Ritsuko, Yumi, Eri and Millicent, were all originally conceived for a game I ran at GenCon several years ago. But almost immediately after they came to life, I started having recurring images

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Hey Ninja Girl 19: Assassination!

A guy named Rob has apparently a more exciting life than might first be expected. Hey Ninja Girl: I need to raid a heavily defended outpost of the Imagawa clan and kill their castellan. Any tips? HIS NAME IS KONDO.

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