Award-Winning Comic Book!

Guerilla 2013 Award

Guerilla Printing is one of the best friends an indie comic producer can have. Based right here in Toronto, they specialize in helping bring independent comics to life. Making REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS would have been WAY harder without their support and wisdom.

But they produce a lot of comic books, so when they announced we’d been nominated for Best Comic Book of 2013, we tried not to get too excited. An honour just to be nominated, and all that.

Secretly, we really wanted to win. Way back when Dave and I were first talking about this project, we told each other we wanted to make a comic book that would win awards. And look at us now!

Best Comic Book of 2013!

Pretty exciting.

Thank you to everyone at Guerilla for supporting us and being so great over the process of bringing REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS to life.

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