Curious about where these bad girls come from? Read the short stories below to find out things even their best friends don’t know!

Ritsuko and the Exploding Door

Ritsuko is always getting into trouble, but when she interferes with her clan’s big demonstration, well, there are explosions, let’s just leave it at that.

Eri and the Inappropriate Pickle

Eri’s stern character is put to the test when her beloved Master Hisakino gives her the weighty task of… buying pickles.

Yumi and the Case of the Screaming Skull

Teen detective Yumi Sasori is on the case, wrestling with unruly undead in this all-new adventure!

Masayo and the Shadows of the Truth

Masayo on the mean streets and caverns of the big city…

Millicent and the Silver Moon of Valour

If you had to deal with the sorts of guys who fill the ranks of the Touch-Moon Palace, you might be a little cranky, too.