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Read the very first issue of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS!

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Field Trip! is the girls’ first adventure together. Masayo thinks she’s seen an Imperial officer coming ashore at NINJA ISLAND — but everyone knows the rulers of the Jade Empire hate the ninja clans! She’s tried to convince the staff and teachers but nobody is willing to listen to her, except Master Izawa (the history teacher). But even Master Izawa won’t take any action unless Masayo can come up with some evidence.

So she takes off in the middle of the night, sneaking out of the school to track down this renegade Imperial. He proves easy to find, but difficult to pin down, and Masayo and the other girls end up with a shipload of trouble for their efforts.

This first issue is 24 pages of high-flying, ass-whupping ninja girl action. Sneaking out of school, into bars and not killing each other in the process, all of the girls have to pull out their best ninja tricks just to stay one step ahead of the feared Chamberlain, never mind Imperial officers with sorcery and minions at their command!

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NINJA ISLAND is a real (imaginary) place, and you can go there yourself! With the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND role-playing game, you can explore not just NINJA ISLAND, but all the details of a wild world it’s a part of, full of pirates, dinosaurs and obviously ninjas!

RSNGBasicCoverThe DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND roleplaying game is a simple, fun, and TOTALLY FREE game you can use to create characters and make up your own stories. Of course you can make up your own characters, but if you’re really dying for some awesome NINJA GIRL action, you can download a set of character sheets for Masayo, Eri, Millicent, Ritsuko and Yumi! Get the girls into trouble and get them out again! Maybe.

And if you’re wondering where NINJA ISLAND actually IS, and why are there all these ninja clans, and what the heck is all this about, anyway, you can find the answers at the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND setting, also available online for free. Folks around the internet have been hard at work creating a fantastic pulp adventure setting. There’s a whole page about NINJA ISLAND, and more details come to light all the time! You can even contribute to the site yourself, and create your own island, or ninja clan. Anything is possible…