Girl Talk

The GIRLS are getting steadily more popular every day! Pretty soon they’ll be running for Ninja Island Academy Student Council!

Here you can catch up on where people are talking about the GIRLS. Remember they have a Facebook page, where you can keep up on daily fun n games!

Recent Stuff

Some recent media about the comic book, the GIRLS and the creators:

Best Comic Book 2013
Guerilla Printing picked REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS as the best comic book of 2013! We are very honoured by this, uh, honour.
Team Covenant Interview
At GenCon 2013, Corey and Dave talk on camera about the origin of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS!
Accidental Survivors Podcast
The Accidental Surivors have Corey on board to talk about Wolverine, topless nuns, Mars and of course the REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS!
Geek Syndicate: Autumn of Indie
Geek Syndicate talks about REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS in their “Autumn of Indie” special series.
Bizarre Comics Podcast
The GIRLS get a shout-out on the Bizarre Comics podcast.
Paperkeg West Podcast
Corey joins Cameron and Jon on PaperKeg West for a comics discussion featuring Nazis, Catwomen and of course everyone’s favourite NINJA GIRLS.
“Panel Bound” Interview
Corey and Dave discuss their own origin story, and Dave gives away secrets of future issues!
The Illuminerdy Article: From the Table to the Page
Corey offers some thoughts on how REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS made the transition from a series of great role-playing game sessions to a comic book.
“Character Generation” Interview
Corey answers the burning questions: “Why NINJA GIRLS?” and “Why REFORM SCHOOL?”
“XavierPop” Article
Canada’s premier pop-culture news site profiles our Indiegogo campaign!
Shared Story Worlds
Corey talks about Creative Commons licensing and the larger business plan for the comic and its setting.


Want to talk about this book? Need some snazzy images to go with an interview? Help yourself! This page provides useful pics and notes for anyone looking to share the word about REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS.


Corey and Dave are the creators of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS. Here are some notes about them.

Corey Reid

Corey Reid is the creator of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS, a brand-new comic book about five awesome ninja girls sent to the Ninja Island Correctional Academy. A long-time developer of role-playing games, Corey is best known for his fantastic pulp game, DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, which features a Creative Commons setting available for anyone to contribute to or take from. He is one of the founding members of filling Station, Canada’s independent literary magazine, and has dabbled in film, stage and blogging. He also teaches swordfighting.

Dave Knox

Dave Knox is a Toronto based illustrator, and a graduate of OCADU’s Drawing and Painting stream. A hardcore gamer, Dave has beaten every Battletoads, every Ninja Gaiden, and every Punch-Out!! title ever released. His obsessive love of video games led Dave to start drawing his heroes at a very early age. Mimicking the strong, clear features of Nintendo instruction booklet art, Dave developed an interest in organized line work, and built his visual understanding from there.

Further influences such as Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Heavy Metal magazine, and the entrancing storytelling of Neil Gaiman, led Dave to believe that the power of the still image can, and should be, greatly multiplied by narrative context.

Dave is currently drawing and inking issue 1 of REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS.