The Girls

Meet the best bad girls ever:

MASAYO: Glorious Dragon Clan

Really, Masayo just wants to go home.

Masayo’s a tough kid from a tough town. She doesn’t back down from a fight, and she trusts just about nobody. But she believes in doing the right thing, and she won’t stand by when she sees injustice. So when she found members of her clan, the Glorious Dragons, involved in some sort of plot against innocent civilians, she spoke up and refused to be silent.

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She paid for her righteousness with a one-way trip to the Ninja Island Correctional Academy. Trying not to let bitterness get the better of her, she has nonetheless decided that she’ll never again trust her elders to do the right thing. She misses her clan, and her sparkling hometown of Vargas, one of the greatest cities in the world, but she won’t be silenced again.

RITSUKO: White Phoenix Clan

There’s always something to set on fire.

Likes explosions. Sort of a maniacal mechanical engineer. Also likes: animals, sweets, wine (not that she’s really allowed to drink, but), fighting and whatever you’re having for lunch.

The White Phoenix clan are reknowned for their skill with mechanical devices: pressure plates, repeating shuriken launchers, mechanical arms and all sorts of unlikely technology. Even for the White Phoenix, Ritsuko was a mechanical genius. Her capacity to take things apart (and even put them back together, sometimes) led to many improvements in the clan workshops, but ultimately, her thoughtless curiousity is what brought her to Ninja Island.

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It doesn’t seem like she’s learned any caution or forethought in her time at the Academy – Ritsuko’s brash confidence and careless ways keep getting her (and her friends) into trouble.

ERI: Shadow Claw Clan

Seriously, nothing is scarier.

Nothing is scarier than Eri. No. Thing. All she does is practice killing people, and she’s already really really good at killing people. She’s also short-tempered, and an ill-timed outburst to the Master of her Shadow Claw clan has proven the last straw. Her clan is a traditional one, that prizes discipline and respect above all else, and while Eri is off the charts in her fighting skills and courage, she lacks the self-control to manage herself according to her Master’s wishes.

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She is horrified at having been disciplined in this fashion, and inwardly she deeply regrets what she’s done. But her pride and her stern appearance keep most potential friends and supporters at bay.

YUMI: Ghost Shadow Clan

Nobody ever asks Yumi who she’s talking to. The answers are always bad.

Yumi talks to spirits. At least, that’s what she says.

Her clan, the Ghost Shadow clan, carry a heavy burden: they commune with the departed ancestors of not only their own clan, but dozens of vanished clans. When the last descendant of a ninja clan passes away, the Ghost Shadows make sure those memories and those spirits are not lost. This deep connection to the dead makes the Ghost Shadow ninjas creepy to talk to (if you’re not dead), and Yumi is weird even for a Ghost Shadow ninja.

Yumi has never spoken of why she was sent away, and it’s not even clear that she’s AWARE that she’s in a correctional facility. When asked, she says, “I like it here. The dead are so hungry. Everything smells like blood.”

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MILLICENT: Touch-Moon Palace

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name. In other news, I don’t care.”

Millicent is a bit of an anomaly — on Ninja Island, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed princess sort of stands out. Touch-Moon Palace is a clan of the highest of circles, with direct connections to the lately-exterminated Imperial Family. Wealthy, privileged and used to getting their own way, the ninja of the Palace waste no effort trying to be popular. Millicent, the adopted daughter of the clan leader, grew up as the favourite child of this elite organization, and is used to people doing what she tells them, and doing it NOW.

This doesn’t make her very popular on Ninja Island, but that suits Millicent just fine. She’s never done anything wrong in her life, and she certainly won’t tell YOU why she was sent to the Ninja Island Correctional Academy.

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